The Message Drives the Medium

Good design grows out of your content. Think about your message — and audience — and how you can say visually what you’ve said with words. Immerse yourself in the “spirit” of the piece.

Then experiment. Seldom can you capture the spirit on the first attempt. Let it take shape under your fingers a little at a time, like a sculpture.

Choose or create illustrations with special care. Move beyond visual clichés. Your first idea will seldom be your best one.

If readers skip your words, at least be certain they get the idea visually. You looked at the images on this site before you read anything, didn’t you?

The web presents new challenges and opportunities in design, but the fundamentals remain the same. Let your message shine out, uncluttered by visual distractions.

If that sounds like tough work, it is. Let Lamp-Post Publicity help you. Write Jon Marken at